The Lukoil fuels come with guaranteed European level and are supplied directly from Lukoil Neftochim Burgas, the largest state-of-the-art refinery on the Balkans. The LUKOIL petrol stations offer their customers the high quality traditional fuels A95H, A98H, and DIESEL, LPG and the premium fuels of the innovation brand ECTO.


From the petroleum refinery to the petrol pump, strict quality control of the fuel all the way. The fuels for the LUKOIL petrol stations are supplied in sealed tanks and their route is constantly monitored by satellites. The fuel tanks of the stations benefit from double walls and special covering, which prevent fuels from admixtures. Each petrol pump is equipped with an electronic system controlling the accuracy of measurement during filling.

If you are looking for a high quality, efficient and environmentally friendly fuel, look no further: the ECTO fuels are your best and logical choice.

In comparison with the regular diesel fuel, ECTO DIESEL benefits from improved ecological, operational and cleaning properties, which make it extremely suitable for new passenger and commercial diesel vehicles. Thanks to its cleaning properties, ECTO DIESEL improves the operation of engines with greater mileage.

The premium gasoline ECTO Sport is designed to deliver maximum pleasure of driving. Developed by the latest technology, with high quality last generation additives, it contains high efficiency modifier, which reduces mechanical friction in the cylinders. ECTO Sport is indispensable for those who love high speed and sports manner of driving. The high octane rating and the special ingredients of the fuel ensure increased power of the engine and maximum acceleration.

The premium fuel ECTO Plus is an excellent choice for everyone seeking high quality in combination with economy of consumption. The multifunctional package of last generation fuel additives increases the power of the engine, extends its life, while reducing fuel consumption and the harmful CO2 emissions.